Motorists, Nduthi owners, Matatu passengers. Basically kila mtu except cheki manenos guys

Kwisha sisi
Tano tena

Bwakire mbuya.
Hebu nitingishie M-Pesa yangu.

Ayayayaya umesahau hii simu yangu ina shida bado upande wa M-pesa :(:frowning:

Thugge Lyfe!

Itabidi you humble yourself and gari type ya uber chap chap

Wueh. Mliambiwa siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya!!

God help us from these 2 thieving duo.

Worse, nothing to show for the debt (or a few wildly wasteful programs).


U saw the article Jana where transporters will be forced to use the SGR. Yenyewe that’s a white elephant that we will dearly pay for. Tano Tena, chieth!!!

Watu waamuke sasa.hibernation is over . The loud vocal psychophants hutawaona hapa. Wataumia na sisi tu. TANO TENA then KUMI fresh .

On the other thing I noticed kwani hawa IMF, why do they want downfall of kenya.

  1. Si juzi walisema interest rate itolewe meaning that banks will be cowboys again. Imagine paying an interest rate of 24% up from 14% ?
    2 Then here they are saying ati lazima VAT iwe introduced kwa fuel . Why is it that they want ordinary kenyans to suffer?

They should come up with an ideas like reduce MPIGS, empower government audit office to curb wasteful spending , tax wealthy more and curb corruption . Instead they hit where the wound is. Who are these people (IMF)? @Mjuaji @Grundy @Eng’iti @Okiya @Mworia Wameru @sodamadiaba na wengine wote …

We in Jubilee have nothing to worry, let NASA people go on with their usual complains.
For us we are in the government, what can possibly happen to us?

2022 ni Gideon Moi. Deepstate hagweskubali Hustler 1

Woke Nations were Joining BRICS.

Hehe…we have to listen to IMF coz we want to borrow their money. I am sure they asked the government to reduce the budget deficit and among many options that the gava had, they saw this one as the easiest. I believe as citizens we can say no to this…this is outright exploitation.
I should start looking for ways to leave this ferked up country! I don’t want to spend my whole life paying for someone’s incompetence

Tanotena kula kiburi yetu

IMF just want to see budget deficit reduced to 3.5% of GDP in order for Kenya to access their 1.5B USD credit facility. These are commitments Kenya made to IMF as ways of reducing the deficit in order to access the facility. IMF haijalazimisha mtu

Wacha wakule na wameze. And by the way it’ getting worse . If someone really hated baba I wouldn’t mind someone saying they supported that Akuot guy. Lakini signs were there that these guys are demagogues but they chose to see otherwise .

[SIZE=6]Two-year relief for motorists as Treasury suspends VAT on fuel

Suspensions always come to an end. Wacheni pang’ang’a.[/SIZE]

You know very well akufukuzae hakuambi toka. And you know there are tactics of compelling you to abide without forcing you . That’s what IMF does…