You know how Uhuru moves around. His, therefore, is not necessary.

Raila’s? Watch Magufuli’s in this video.

There are guys with 45 cars in their motorcade. Why?

  1. Africans are jobless . No way I’ll stop hanging out with little Abba ati naenda kushaingila uhuru or raila. They Dont know me neither do they give a hoot

  2. Wastage of resources . @123tokambio don’t tell me all that is security detail.wengine ni girlfriends tu wamebebwa.

  3. The poorer the country the more the motorcade a president has . Gambia … of all the countries wacha tu. South African president had very very few comparison to Gambian and guess whose richer !! .hayo tu

Don’t misquote me on this. In life, i’ve always believed in moderation. If something is too much or too less, its not good. This is arguably overkill, coz three quarter the motorcade isn’t presidential security detail.
Then there’s Uruguay’s and Netherland’s premiers, under doing it(that you posted), with less than optimum security.
My biggest priority would be to question the security detail required.
Most you will find that they tag along a whole government machinery, including the security (military/police bosses), cabinet, sycophant…etcetera. Am not for that…

Sycophants have to be followed around by their worshippers. read @Arap Moi. you move with ministers and assistant ministers.

hio ya kagame waaH