Motor - 3 phase to work with residential house supplied power

I got this motor I want to use to split some planks for my home use. I am told it needs three phase electricity. I want to be using it for just a few hours in my backyard and looking for three phase power will take me long, and maybe cost me alot. Will it work if I just plug it into my house socket? I understand residential lines are single phase?

Kindly advise electric gurus

Damn thing wont work if you plug it into your socket at home. It is three phase for heaven’s sake. Kwanza hio plug yake inaweza ingia kwa socket yako? Wachanga ufala saa zingine bro.

Buy a phase converter. Consists of a single-phase motor that drives a 3-phase generator. So in essence you are using your single-phase power to drive a motor coupled to a 3-phase generator. Mambo ya power losses apply.


Soma hapa :

Unaweza tembea na mguu moja?

Ongea na mafundi wa rewinding. There is something (capacitor) they can add to make it run, though at a slightly reduced power rating.

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I thought I could just fit a top plug and plug it into a socket

Thanks…this requires another smaller motor acquired to create the smooth running effect. That means the motor can still run, but it will not just be smooth enough

Will consider this bruh. Thanks

Sorry, it doesnt work like that.

convert the damn thing to single phase motor

advisini jamaa kwa upole

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i like how people in this village know things. sometimes you would never tell due to the “meffi” and “kamua” posts :slight_smile:


If the amount of wood you’re splitting is very small, all the solutions involving conversions are unnecessary expenses. Si ulipe loading na transport and have the splitting done at a yard. And if your project is not using perfectly guaged/planed planks, call those ambulant powersaw guys who have becoms so common im Kenya niwadays.

I have 3-phase residential, but do I say!!

Sorry, my bad…

Thanks, will consider. Just that I like DIY stuff a lot.


Have you ever heard changing a 3 ph motor to a single phase?
Change the configuration na kama hujui weka picha hapa after opening the cover tusaidie wewe.

Karibu. How thick are the planks or are they logs? I use a circular saw with a rail guide for up to 75mm. If logs, peleka yard.

Even after changing it to a single phase huwezi tumia socket ya nyumba…you should look for an industrial socket or Kama ni mbaya a 15amps socket outlet but this also depends on amount of work the motor will be performing…

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Thank you all. Will give feedback once I find a solution