Moto ya nyasi

1 million arrests, 0 successful prosecutions. kwan kazi ya dpp ni kuarrest? after kuuza economy they want you to believe they had anything to stand for, juzi tu mmezubaishwa na SANY, leo iko wapi? riparian whatever tulisema ni moto ya nyasi, si ilizimika? kenyans are swayed by cheap sensations. there is no ongoing war on corruption, don’t be cheated

You ought to understand due process

we would like to assure kenyans that we are working tirelessly with other agencies to bring to book all the perpetrators of these heinous acts. And i would like to caution kenyans against spreading propaganda as due process must be followed to ensure everything is done in order. Meanwhile the above actions have been put on hold following a court order by the aggrieved parties to allow time for investigations. We are still committed to service delivery to the people of kenya.

Sany was a distraction from USA road contract:(

Ati “we”!!!? You and what army?

hujawahi sikia hii phrase ama kuisoma anywhere in this country?

Kuja na yako tumalise hii kazi nduku yako SANY alianzisha…

Si uwashe yako ya kuni tuone kama wakenya wataota

not in kenya ,unless you will live to 140 years for proper sentencing and judgement,mutu ya bangi anafungwa mika 7 yet watu wameiba mabilioni wako tu kwa ofisi wamebangaiza:D:D:D:D