Motivation to ktalk alpha males


I admire public figures who keep their private lives strictly private. Best example Micheal Joseph

ako na bibi.

Unataka kujua ndio uendee ukamuzie tako.

Bibi yake Sian Daniels namjua

Ndindi is married and they got 2 kids btw. Ntarudia hapa tena, young men please look for a good woman when you are still young and in the trenches. A good woman will help you lay the right foundation for your 40s, 50s and beyond. Hawa mabachelor wa kununua ka Mark X or Crown with their 1st salary then embark on a pump and dump mission often end up nowhere.

Bado nanyandua mzee mzima Mom and am rich

Mbona unanunua matako Ktalk?



The only way is that you attended a function that the wife was present na umama yako ukafunga leso ndio ukapiga udaku like a bitch uka jua yeye Ni nani

mzeee momes niache

Sawa nimeskia mzito no hard feelings.