Mother of two, kills self and kids bcz of exe husband

Unajiua juu ya mwanaume? You rather die for anything else but not a man please.

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Depression is real. People should learn to walk away. May she and her 2 angels rest in peace

Go Well Sister!!! F*cking Bonobos…

Women are incomplete without men…that’s reality it’s psychology women live miserable lives devoid of men

Why is it so difficult to part ways?

Kitu funny women bado huwa wako in love na the person they saw in a man; the gentleman. They hope he will change. Kuna mwoman alikuwa anasema the husband Huwa irresponsible, mlevi chakari na very violent but akiwa sober tu, ni mzuri sana. Unaangalia fiti unaona hata mumama ni chizi tu kivyake.

Swali ni where did she get those kids from bcz I know she did not adopt. The problem with single mothers is caused by men. A man swears his love until you get pg and then he deserts or worse abuses you and the kids.

I have read the research that if a woman never goes through a traumatic relationship with the father of her kids, like say he dies young, the kids and even the wife adjusted well unlike when the man abuses the kid and wife and is in and out of the relationship so that it causes psychological harm to the mother and child.

Those who are raised by single mother by choice, Yaani there was never a man in the picture, adjust so well. Look at Caroline Mutokos or Njoki Ndungus kids. Very well adjusted.

The truth is that men particularly chimpanzees bcz of their inferior genome bring chaos to women’s lives. When a woman completely removes herself from the lane of men, doesn’t subscribe to toxic ideologies like yours, this is what happens. You live so long you lose your eyesight. You beat covid twice in your 100s while people quarter of your age are dying.

Remember that men need women. That is why a woman has more ribs. She is complete. It’s the man that isn’t. If you leave men alone for a month they’ll kill each other. If you leave women alone for a month, we will close jails and police stations and we never have to fear the dark or lock our houses, no child will be homeless.

Men did this to her. I bet she was never suicidal when she was single and child free, the rain started beating her when she believed that a man was going to make her life better. After pump, dump with kids, she lost faith in God and in herself. She killed herself because of men. Those without men are living so long and don’t even fall ill.