Mother of all MILFS from TZ

Guys, Bless the South side majirani, Bless TikTok… I found her… I can officiay claim this is dry fry certified for me

Anakaa Sharon… The famous kunguru

She looks nice

But if you watch this video closely, you will be forced to use military condoms if at all you value your life


anagawa raw sana hadi naona kuna video anaonyesha test ya hiv hehe tz women will be the death of us kenyan men

sharon ameishaa kabisaaa huyu ,tz is more thickerrrr

Haikosi huyu ni fulltime poko tz

She has the rare apple-shaped body type. People with apple body types tend to put on weight around the thighs instead of the belly area.

The downside to apple-shape is that she most likely has lots of cellulite. Akitoa hizo nguo utaona ngozi inakaa ndimu and other such-like things.

Nonetheless, that rear is to die for.

Agreed …



Kibe amepiga madem size yangu ma sweep kali pale youtube

This woman is fat. Fat is fat, even if the fat is strategically placed

TZ dry fry sio big deal, unatomba then later mnaenda test ,na hiyo ni pokoste umeokota…

Nalamba pucci

I don’t understand the obsession guys have with fat women.

Don’t knock what you have never tasted …


Once you go Big , You NEVER go Back …!!! :D:D:D

I think what you mean is that She is Phat … :D:D


what exactly is special about these women

TZ version of Sharon.

Since an answer from me might be considered as having Bias …



I will let the general public respond to your query … :D:D

@Mzee Mashavu unasumbua sana sasa