Mother Daughter convo

Daughter : Mummy I met a man and he wants to take me to meet his parents.

Mother : That is good my daughter, how long have you known him and how did you meet him?

Daughter : I’ve known him for two months and I met him online.

Mother :(puzzled look) Online eh? So what did you like about him?

Daughter : (smiling broadly)there are many things I like about him but what I love most is that he’s very generous to me.

Mother : Generous eh? What does he do for a living?

Daughter : He does online work

Mother : Which work is online work now?

Daughter : Mummy you are very old fashioned nowadays you can work from home as long as you have a computer or laptop.

Mummy : Is that so, how come you don’t work online yourself yet you have a laptop?

Daughter : Must I do what my boyfriend is doing?

Mother : So where is he from, which tribe is he?

Daughter : He’s a hausa

Mother : Which tribe is that?

Daughter : It is a Nigerian tribe

Mother :(Sitting down on the floor and holding her head with both of her hands) A NI… what?

Daughter : What is wrong mom? Are you feeling unwell?

Mother :(getting up and going hastily to the house) just wait for me I’m coming

Daughter :(looking puzzled) Mom what is wrong? Are you OK?

Mother : (returns brandishing a knife) before you kill me and your father, you will know that I brought you into this world and I can take you out.

Daughter :(running into a room and locking herself in-in a fearful voice ) Mom what have I done

Mother : open this door or I will break it. Is this how you can repay your father and I for all the sacrifice we have made for you? Wait until your father gets home.

Father walks into the house… To be continued

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