Most Underrated Benefit of Being an Entrepreneur


Sometimes I hang out with my friends on the weekends. They are highly skilled employees and I can say that we probably earn around the same income. However, I notice that I have a big edge over them because despite having similar incomes, my schedule is extremely flexible unlike theirs. So, its almost impossible for them to have a work-life balance which to me is very important.

Employees work in shifts generally or 9-5. So they must be at a specific place or doing a specific activity at a specific time. As a business owner, I can decide to show up late for work to avoid the morning traffic jam, and to also stay late as I look at the books (as long as you have a right hand man/employee). The employees (9-5 guys) must endure such inconveniences. On average, I probably work more hours than a typical employee. However, the flexibility more than makes up for the difference. Provided I have employees, I can decide to leave and go to the gym when it is least crowded. A 9-5 employee can only dream of such. Sometimes I’m pumped on Sundays and work all day and I can be bummed on a random Tuesday and not show up. That’s a level of flexibility employees can never have because employers own their time. Make no mistake, you still need to keep your eye on the ball and show up on most days, but your schedule as an employer is extremely flexible.

This does not apply for self-employed people. You enjoy the benefit of flexibility only when you have a trustworthy person to run the business (TEMPORARILY) in your absence, and you understand it like the back of your hand.


Flexibility can be available for employees if u work for the right employer n position. Ni vile most managers are stuck in the old system of business hours. I did a project for some company ya majuu and the guys on the team would take afternoons off to play golf n charge it to their PTO. Start times varied for ppl with kids. If we worked on weekends the PM would take a day off for us during the week. As long as u r not customer facing and are meeting targets i don’t see the need to nail an employee to a chair on specific days or hours. I also think this applies to ppl who are mature in their roles. Ukipatia newbies freedom they will burn the place down.


But working unlimited hours si ya kila mtu.

Mhindi akipotea kidogo, huwa nahepa kazi 1pm, he went for safari rally, on Friday I didn’t even report to work :blush:, yes we’ll burn it to the ground

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