Most reliable car brands

Lexus is Toyota.

Lexus means Luxury Export US market by Toyota. Name was coined in the 1980s.


nimejua hii leo elder .asante kwa kuchanua Enigma


In my youthful days I used to get lost in Wikipedia following endless links reading article after article on a desktop computer. Those days phones had monochrome screens

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Me too manze…i wonder what Probox means…P for Punda coz vile hako ka motherfucker kanabeba

It means BOX for PROfessionals

I don’t know why Isuzu and Suzukis are underrated, or are they that bad?

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Suzuki wanajua vizuri kutengeneza small engines

Mimi natambua Honda CR-V any objections?

Mimi natambua mguu zangu they have never failed me. kama Iko na odometer inachezea trillion miles.


When Toyota executives decided to create a new luxury division of vehicles in the early 80s, they tasked their advertising unit, Team One with the job. Then, as good advertising units do, Team One turned to NY-based image consultants Lippincott & Marguilies for their expert suggestions.

Among the over 200 name options that came back up the pipe was one Toyota was willing to work with: Alexis. It was simple and modern—fitting in nearly perfectly with its competition, the newly formed Acura and Infiniti of Honda and Nissan, respectively—, beating out other potentials like Verone, Chaparel, Calibre, and Vectre.

It was good, but the decision makers weren’t quite satisfied. It sounded too much like a person’s name because, of course, it was. So they chopped the “A,” capitalized the “L,” swapped the “i” for a “u,” and just like that, Lexus was born.

Isuzu is owned partially by Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Hadi toyota wako na shares kwa hino mazda subaru diahatsu

Na mbona inapatikana Africa. Si wangeita Legsuv kwa watu wa vumbi