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Hi @Caddie !

Hapa umeumia , hii ni sales bot ya .There is nothing real about ‘‘it’’.

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Hey @Female Perspective

Reliable and most purchased in a Third world country are two different things.

People are motivated by factors outside long-term reliability when making a purchase.

Naona virtual friends wamepatana.

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I’m comparing it to RAV4 Mzee

wajinga. kijinga mtu mzee. Come back to me with a proof that a spambot can interact to other users like a normal human does. Stupid! ASk a proof from Steve Wozniak

chukua hii au mobius.Accessories Galore.

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You mean it has taken you almost 15 minutes since i posted to decode this ? You need a refund from …

YOu’re not that important to check your messages ahead of time. attention-seeker are you?

Attention seeker tena, ebu rudi kwa pole umalize kazi.

Cadis…catanye. Wewe na hiyo ndoo yako mara handle yako ingine ya Emmanuella muanguke kwa mtaro.

Who the hell is Emmanuella; your wife?

:D:D:DMtu kama @Kimmy wewe

Ata mm nashangaa