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I want to get the most quality car from reliable source; help me please. I checked on, they display only quality cars.

seriously, you need a vote to know this???



the most quality?


that’s funny

Here we want quantity cars.

I’m looking for quality no matter how expensive

Mazda Carol.
Cc Jajuok Mijinga Saitan Oyieyo @jumabekavu.


Idiot spammer. Go hang upside down like a bat! Kwerra kabisa!

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Thanks. I’ll check on it

Do me a favor and hang yourself, wewe shit!

How are people having conversations with a spambot?

The car infront of you is always a …
And also check:
Ease of disposal,
Disposal price,
Availability of efficient service,
Availability of spare parts!

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Just walk to the nearby busy road and do a realtime survey then you will have your unbiased numbers.

\Stupid @1776

I’m considering Toyota but what ya think of Outback?

Kwanini hujaweka footsubishi na shoebaru kwa poll?

Ikiwa haifai wewe, futa!

Fuata roho chako .Last time i checked Toyota is a make and outback is a model ,so what in Toyota’s house are you comparing the outback with ?

ushauri mkubwa. Asante