Most Popular Radio Breakfast Shows in Kenya Ranked

[SIZE=7]Most Popular Radio Breakfast Shows in Kenya Ranked [/SIZE]

  1. Radio Citizen’s Jambo Kenya, hosted by Inspekta Mwala and Vincent Ateya, took the top spot with a general listenership of 1.4 million daily listeners from 6 a.m to 10 a.m from Monday to Friday,
Radio Citizen presenters Inspekta Mwala (right), Beki Mwamburi (centre) and Vincent Ateya (left).

  1. Milele FM’s Milele Breakfast by Alex Mwakideu and [I]Jalang’o [/I](who quit has since quit) with 1.1 million.

  2. Gidi and Ghost show on Radio Jambo wrapped up the top three positions with 1.09 million average daily listeners.

  3. Radio Maisha’s Billy Miya and MCA Tricky came in fourth with 948,000 daily listeners.

All the top positions were snatched by Swahili stations due to their large audience numbers.

5) Maina and Kinga’ngi was the most popular English show with an average listenership of 854,000.
The show, hosted by Maina Kageni and Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki, aka Mwalimu King’ang’i, was edged out after dropping in its listenership for the months of March, April and May 2020.

Classic FM radio presenter Maina Kageni during a show at the station.

  1. Kiss FM’s Kamene and Kibe which has been gaining audiences through the three months.
Kiss 100 presenters Kamene Goro (right) and Andrew Kibe (Left).

Vernacular stations also proved to be popular among the morning audiences

  1. Inooro FM,

8) Kameme FM

  1. Ramogi FM

10) NRG’s Breakfast club hosted by Charlie Karumi, Natalie Githinji and Deejay Shawn rounded up the top ten most popular morning shows.
NRG’s Breakfast club hosted by Charlie Karumi, Natalie Githinji and Deejay Shawn.

GeoPoll observed that even with the Covid-19 pandemic, radio consumption across the day and night had continued to rise.
"Altogether, with consumers spending more time at home, their listenership and viewership attention is being split across the traditional media of TV and radio, as well as other media platforms including social media.

“Seeing as the Government of Kenya has issued further directives of restricted movement, we anticipate a further increase in TV viewership and recognise that sustained dips in radio listenership are possible,” an April 2020 report by the company disclosed

Watu wa Spice fm tukae wapi

nyi labda na huko ma 20s.
but mucijali, very soon mtakua top 10.
ci mlobby muchukue Jalas na akam na Mwakideu.

Hehe wakuje kufanya nini

ci kuwapa ratings.
ama muko tu sawa?

hizo figures hutoka wapi?

Classic FM watu huskiza mostly kwa matatu ama basi wakienda job asubuhi. So how do they count the number of listeners

Bado watu huskiza radio

Wakija intelligent talk itapungua, hehe

Hiyu Vincent Ateya, replaced Titi Nagwala in Jambo Kenya

I doubt these numbers

Nikiskia hiyo station kwa mat, earphones mara hio. I have zero tolerance to their B.S

maybe kwa Communication Authority of Kenya. (ama wenye hupatiana frequency)

maybe they count each individual mat all over the country.
but kuna watu wa private uckiza na pia phone.

maybe ziko exegerated,
but mat mob ukua Classic
PikiPiki ukua Radio jambo.
private ukua Milele

Top four stations ni Waluhya wanaskiza sana.

Watu huskiza radio bado??
I used to listen to radio back when i was in high school so as to know the latest riddim/dancehall jam when dancehall was the most listened to genre of music. Nowadays no need. With WiFi unaingia YouTube and you are sorted.

lazima tuckie patanisho, Daktari Jalas, na pia tu esplainiwe like a five year old na Maina

to each his own anyway

I thought The Standard media group would poach The lady, Cess Mutungi to spice up their afternoon.
Instead she joined Smooth FM after being poached by that Gayy presenter, maima.
On the flip side see how low Capiro FM has sunk.
Spice FM is the next Capital FM…