Most of you hamuna foam ya Easter & it shows... sad lives

The year is 2019. No COVID. Life was good. Mbukusu @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD has already boarded a bus to Bungoma with family for the Easter celebrations.

Lichoti has keys za X5. He is in a Kayole pub with Gilbeys kwa meza. A malaya is giving him a handjob. Life is so good.

The mutura hawker is sold out. Hana mutura. He made enough money. He will be closed over Easter.

That gulf nguruwe @kush yule mnono is already on a flight back to Kenya. Abdul has paid him enough money. He is coming to Kenya kuharibu. So nice.

FFWD 2021, its Easter. Jobless mundu mulosi after losing his job is now a casual worker in a ocha poshomill. He sits down as he reminisces his happy days as an accountant. Tears are flowing from his eyes.

Kush is in the gulf. Abdul told him that if he still wants to keep his job then he has to start inamisharing kiyambis for him. He is now sleeping under the duvet with tears on his eyes. Life.

That Kayole mbukusu is in a changaa den. He normally kopas for drinks. Today the mama pima is not hearing non of it today. Reo nataka pesa zangu ghasia. Mama Njenga pesa nitalipa. Elewa situation saizi.

Goja hapo… she steps out and comes back in 2 minutes accompanied with two swahili men. And says ndio huyo.

Salim, one of the coastarian… says tamu sana, napenda sana. They take Lichoti bana.

The mbukusu is next seen running out of an undisclosed location with the speed of a cheetah while holding his already falling trousers. Never to be seen ever again until Monday.

@Panyaste umesahau kujiinclude. You must be begging for bundles na bakuli pale kwa streets.

Mans uyo msee ka iyo pic kama si wewe then you’re hella gay




Boy wetu Panyaste is really taking it hard kurushwa mtaa banae



Hio part ya KYM ni porojo but ya @uwesmake uko on point, hio tuck a tuck a inapenda

Malisa hio mujamaa

Mbilikimo unanyanduliwa mkush wapi after kufukuzwa Deutschland?

@Panyaste★ kina @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii @Kodiaga @Big fire walikuwa wanasema ulikufa na corona

Naona umeamka kutoka ICU, God is great!

Kumbe this rat of ours dint die?? That feel nice

Huyu ni nani:D:D

Jesus Christ on a faking raft