Most Miserable Countries in the World


Where is India?

Number 44

Thailand ni promised Land…
Iran sanctions inawamalisa.

But, but, err they told us that Nordic countries have the happiest people on earth.
Where’s kenya ?

What about Kenia?

What about war-torn Zoomalia?

It appears Kenya hakuna misery. Labda ni anguish tu.

At some point I thought Portugal and Greece are suffering the same kind of misery after over borrowing and throwing money away.

Somalia is not a country but a conglomeration of foolish alshabab clans

Xc @Bingwa Scrotum

Uncivilised bonobos actually.

i feel like kenya is in a different list of suffering,distress and angst a.k.a the bora uhai list

well,if you call prostitution,1 bar for every 100 thai person,299 bhat price on everything,overpopulation, 10.5 percent population living below poverty line as skewed data,then by all means i will vouch for that.I bet my left nut you are a patron of khaosan road,nana station and pat pong street that ain’t employment,its people struggling:D:D:D:D

How and where did you collect your data from??

Wekelea data yako wacha ama ufyate io domo bakuli…

Kenya iko kwa list ya trauma, na Yemen Afghanistan na somalia

Na South Sudan je? Very backward country.

Kwani Kenya walipatiana pesa ndio wasiwe kwa hiyo list?

I see what you did the @Tomba Wao

you never know with Kenyans buana.