Most football players are geys

:studio_microphone: Nicolas #Anelka: "My career at Arsenal was going great until the day I crossed paths with Vieira, who was best known in the Arsenal dressing room as ‘Le Long’ (‘El Largo’).

“I was playing against Fulham at Highbury and I remember receiving a ball from Bergkamp, cutting the goalkeeper with ease and, with the even goal, throwing it out at the last moment.” Only happened because the sun blinded my eyes. It wasn’t my fault ! Anyway, Vieira gave me an angry look and I knew I was in trouble. "

"After in the showers he turned against me and I replied, knowing I shouldn’t have, but I called him ‘fucking patty long-headed’. At first he just looked at me with his hollow eyes. So… ZAS! When he was sitting he slapped me in the face with his PEN3. It was like getting smacked by a moist cured salmon. No one could believe what they were seeing! Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to get slapped in the face with a 14-inch sword in front of your peers? It was the worst moment of my life. "

"Nobody said anything during what seemed like an eternity. Silence was only broken when Ashley Cole asked, “Is it my turn?”. ”. That’s when I knew I had to leave. When Wenger found out what he’d done, he simply shook Vieira’s hand and shouted: “And that’s why he’s the captain.” Look at the stuff! ”.


Most…then you end up naming non…kizungu ndio ngumu ama nini


Wacha kuchoma team Arsenal