Most Efficient Fridge

Which is the most efficient fridge or fridges in the market, at a budget not exceeding 110k?

Efficient in what way?

Efficiency is power consumption or what

LG has been voted severally by consumers as the best


Efficiency equals power output divided by power input expressed as a percentage

Fridge ni kitu ya kenda pale na kununua si kukula wanakijiji kichwa na maswali… hii mwaka tunataka maswali ya ndege gani ata magari tulitoka huko

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Just check the energy star rating. The more the stars, the more the efficiency. A five star fridge is the best but it also costs more. You will be able to recover your money faster. Kama haina star usinnunue

Bosch, Siemens or Philips in that order

LG’s linear compressor is efficient, quiet, and has excellent energy ratings.