Most effective marketing channel?

Hey guys, which marketing channel fosters the most growth in sales for you?

In my experience, SEO was effective but Im looking for more ways.

SEO is the best way.
Try SEO with some ads in the network, the best mix.

I can’t offer you something better than SEO. It’s the best way for marketing from all existed. Maybe you had a bad experience before with some companies or on your own. But SEO has excellent success with the right workers. I know what I’m talking about, I had experience with , and it’d not be the better results with other ways of marketing real. But maybe you need additional promotion methods, like an ad on social media and etc.? It’ll improve your progress too, but anyway, less than SEO.

[li]Video. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, providing more than 1 billion hours of video to users every day. …[/li][li]Social media. …[/li][li]Paid search (search engine marketing) …[/li][li]Email marketing. …[/li][li]Display ads. …[/li][li]Blogs. …[/li][li]Local marketing.[/li][/ul]

If I were you, I’d rather choose SEO. It proves to be more effective. Moreover, Google ads cost quite a lot. Too much to be worth it. It’s better to hire a copywriter and an SEO specialist to get to the first page and stay there. You can look for more SEO tips and determine what is better for you. It might be an option for a new company to develop its social media accounts. Dynamic pages on Instagram or TikTok, for example, can enlarge your revenues big time. I’d suggest you pay more attention to them – it might be easier than trying to get to Google’s first page.

Great insights! SEO indeed has a proven track record for effectiveness, providing long-term visibility without the hefty price tag of Google ads.

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