Most educated tribes in Kenya

  1. Luhyas (majority of Kenyan Doctors are Luhyas)
  2. Luos (majority of Kenyan professors are Luos)
  3. Kikuyus (majority of Kenyan lawyers)
  4. Kalenjin (majority of Kenyan engineers)
  5. Kamba (majority of Kenyan lawyers)

Least Educated

  1. Somalis
  2. Coastal Tribes


Bring actual statistics otherwise hii ni porojo

Always support your claims with evidence else your claims are fallacies.

80% of chines graduates are engineers.
70% of American graduates are lawyers.

Since we are pulling assumptions out of our asses I’m going to say Kisii people.

Kisii’s are the most uniformly advanced group in Kenya.
All other groups have loud visible outliers but also have large underclass.

This is not true for Gusiilanders.

Care to back up your assertions with some data, twat?

ukitupa mawe Bungoma chances za kupiga daktari ni 90%. very sharp guyz

wakisii you are the best fraudsters, con-people in kenya.

Mgisu wa Bumbo washa uongo

Weka statistics. What is the measure of tribe? Is it recorded on the national ID?

I would say that proportionately the kikuyu have the most learned population. They had good schools with full government support from the get go. The Kikuyu are somewhat averse to open chest thumping. But any job advertised now usually has qualified Kikuyu outnumbering all other groups combined.

The Luhyia and Kisii are tied in the second spot. There are many quiet scholars from these two tribes both here and abroad

The Luo are a mixed grill. It is an issue of being loud about their education rather than actual numbers.

The kales are in fourth place followed by other tribes such as the Ameru and Embu, mijikenda, taita and masai.

Take a look at any department in any major Kenyan university. Invariably, it is Kikuyu at the top with a mixture of other tribes following

While you’re arguing about tribes. China is building a sun.

So long as we dont have credible data to back up such assumptions they will just remain wishful thinking. Or as my late prof used to say- it will remain a sweeping statement:D

When used as adjectives, educated means having attained a level of higher education, such as a college degree, whereas learned means having much learning, knowledgeable, erudite.

off tangent a little bit, but I think kisiis have produced a disproportionately large number of top students in kcpe and kcse.

Calm down Binyavanga Wainaina with your Inoorero university statistics.

Meffi thread. We don’t know tribes.

The late JJ Kamotho once said a certain community was renowned for producing cooks and watchmen. Maybe he had data…

so unataka tuunde mwezi ama?