Most Common TV size in Kenyan Homes

24 inch TV when it comes to flat panels and 14 inch CRT.

Here is a chart to guide you on what TV size to acquire depending on the size of your living room.

Kama unaishi kwa bedsitter hakuna haja ya kununua 48 inch TV

Upuss… I buy the biggest just beyond what I can afford

60 inch Sony any day of the week!!

Najaribu hii DIY projector screen nimalize ukuta yote,fcuk living room size

Does it work? Experience ni ka ya TV? Which projector are u using? Naeza watch netflix?

Do you have a projector yet ? If you haven’t budget for an ultra short throw .Thank me later .
Kelele ya cooler fan might ruin your experience if you go for the cheap projectors .

Speak English

EPSON svga projector with 4200lumens. Idea is to use non reflective projector screen.iko alibaba
All projectors come with HDMI connection so ka saa hii natumia type C to hdmi so yeah netflix iko mpangoni and everything else

He means this one…
U place it a few inches off the wall unlike conventional projectors lazima uweke kwa pedestal or hang it on the ceiling. Damn expensive but worth it

Lead me where to get it

So u use your phone to access netflix

Wacha ujinga Mdarood… Projector inakuja na apps zote

Type C to HDMI anahitaji ya nini basi

Screen and lighting make a huge difference.
I have an Epson 8350 (an older model compared to the new stuff, but the picture is still very good). My throw is just over 25 ft (8ft) on a 120 inch screen with a black velvet frame. I have full control of lighting (a dedicated media room in the basement with no natural light).


Yeah coz sina kale ka mini pc or tv box ,besides,projector naitumia na game console most of the time kwa “game room” . Netflix kwa tv obvious. Sipendi kusumbuana na watu

Yangu haina built in ,ni mzee kiasi. Za kisasa ziko nazo