Most Black Americans are racists

Slavery was abolished in the 1860s. About 150 odd years ago. My argument is that selective breeding for strength has no bearing on anything at all. The only form of breeding that justifies your argument is inbreeding which was actively avoided. Consent has no bearing on biological reality. Just because the strongest were forced to breed doesn’t mean that breeding the strong is genetically disadvantageous. In the animal kingdom, only the strongest or prettiest (depending on species) gets to mate with the females. That’s nature’s way of improving the species.

Your argument also assumes a lot based on the quotes you made, for instance in the breeding farms, women who could give birth to the most babies were preferred compared to those who had difficulty delivering. It seems to me you are casually comparing it to more common breeding and birth procedures when this is actually a very abnormal occurrence. The current population is largely as a result of these breeding procedures. And the assumptions that your arguments are based on are not.

In the animal kingdom nobody selects which animal breeds with another, natural selection does that, it’s random just like with today’s human breeding habits, another wrong assumption you make is this

I asked for data or studies and you didn’t provide, you just make allegations with no support. Why, because this claim is probably based on populations that haven’t undergone artificial selective breeding and you don’t seem to understand my concern?

I am not even trying to dig up stats because there are practically non. No one has ever raised selective breeding as a matter of any concern for black populace because basic biology dictates that t isn’t grounds for concern!

Those are not allegations, they’re obvious genetic realities. In fact some people have argued that the African American dominance in US sports may be a result of genes selected into the populous during the slaving period. The only support I have for what you call allegations is basic biology.

This isn’t how science is done, science is always backed up by data no matter how obvious something is, basic biology isn’t so basic when nobody bothers to study something as abnormal as farming human beings.

You are ignorant of the fact that 12% of the population control 60% of income in Entertainment.
Maybe “you” need to stick to hustler country political discussions where your main source is Githeri Media.

What population and what income? Speak with conviction acha kuogopa and back it with data. Most of it is enjoyed by few Jews who control the sports and entertainment industry while the rest of the African Americans wallow in addiction, police violence and poverty?

You have gluttonously consumed bad info from poor sources my fren. There’s a debate going on elsewhere which could benefit your ignorance:

The entirety of this argument was sparked by the post below. In this post you made the most incredibly ridiculous suggestion that breeding of slaves has made their offspring dumber! I have done you the courtesy of presenting it verbatim while highlighting the issues I had and continue to have with you.

First of all you demand for data when your outlandish assertion presented none. Second, your suggestion is a genetic impossibility as I’ve tried to explain to you multiple times. You want data that show selective breeding doesn’t harm a population? Look at any farmer do it and observe the offspring. Look at nature and how mating the most fit individuals results in a more robust stock. That’s why most mammals fight for mates, only the strong get to propagate their genes. The notion that the opposite happens when you breed human beings has no biological foundation.

First of all I gave you a link to an article based on a book about slave breeding, what have you provided so far except claims and arguments based on a population that is different from what is being discussed. Secondly you keep comparing humans to animals as if animals have the same intelligence. And then you keep quoting basic biology without elaborating your definitions. Truth is you have done nothing for your counter arguments, no research just poor comparisons that have no basis.

You linked to an article confirming something not in contention, that slaves were bred like animals. So how do you figure breeding affected the African American’s intellect?

They face the same issues but its kind of different.3rd world poverty can’t be equated to 1st world poverty, some opportunities an African American youth might come across living in chicago, a haitian youth living in rural haiti will never ever get.Jamaicans too due to the cold war, were heavily involved in cocaine drug dealing both in USA and at home back in the 80s and 90s, and the violence that comes with it that exists till this day, but the poverty that gave rise to it is a whole other animal in comparison to the poverty blacks in USA experienced.

They were bred like animals, do you need to download the book and read it to understand. They kept records and books on the best performance “it took scientific management” is a quote in the article. And that doesn’t mean that the outcome will be the same as it is in breeding animals since they lack specific characteristics found in humans.

You are just wasting my time, you haven’t read the article, you probably won’t even bother, come back when you have with solid scientific arguments sio ku argue tu kuonesha you know about biology or statistics.

And this is exactly the question I asked you which you dismissed so casually. And I provided insight by saying that their genetic diversity is probably not high enough to nurture a population to a varied enough human skillset necessary for success in a normal human population. Not a claim just thinking out loud.

African and African American populations, with the exception of the Dogon of Mali, show the highest levels of within-population genetic diversity. Read entire paper here The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans - PMC

This is different from animal breeding how?

How old are you?

Which country? Which job?

How is America not more equal than it was 70 years ago? Let’s focus on data. Pick any metric that shows America isn’t fairer than it was years ago and we can analyze the data. A multi-varied analysis is tedious so let’s stick to single metrics that show AMERICA HASN’T BECOME FAIRER

Jobs za OCONUS, logistics.