Most Annoying Thing About Kenyatalk

You can’t really ignore some fuckers. I don’t want to ever see threads from the likes of Rexxmeffi, Trumancapote etc. Lakini hata nikiignore ghaseers I still see their threads on my feed. Wakibadilisha profile pic tuu najipata nimefungua thread already. The whole point of ignoring fuckers is not to see any of their garbage, including thread titles. Admin kumbaff.


Personally, I don’t block any member of the forum, as that is peasant behavior.

I simply gloss over their content if I’m not interested, and in the rare event they post something meaningful, I might contribute to the discourse.

Otherwise, I’m unbothered.

@TrumanCapote can ostracize the black race until kingdom come. Her rhetoric won’t add or reduce the food on my plate.

@rexxsimba can upload as many naked pics of obese women as he desires. It won’t affect my Centurion Black Card balance.


Not Blocking is the mature way of surfing any Blogs and Forums. It shows open-mindedness. Pick and choose!

It’s like walking in a public park. There are idiots who don’t pick their dog shiat on the walking trails. You don’t have to step on the shiat then complain…you step over them.

Immature Idiots Can’t Relate.

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This is a very retarded take and the perfect example of a mind that is overly simplistic. Ati walking park, you think the world is a walking park? If that’s the case go take a walk in a Gaza public park, if ti exists in the first place.


Kizungu Ni Ngumu…Sio Kiswahili ama sheng, Idiot!

walking in a public park

Like I said you’re a simpleton and you keep proving me right

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Most self respecting men would have John the mkisiid that one. On a Naija forum, her village people would be.

The insults Kenyan men take is only telling when it explodes. Admin should rescue this one before kitumbua kiingie chimpanzee mzee pieces bana.

Poking the beehive has only one result. Honey or not.

It’s an obvious rouse to provoke, bait anyone

Everyone on KT has accepted this bad UI, Like the bitch ass niggers they are


UI ni urinary infection?


Kenyatalk became mai ma ngui when they deleted crazy lanye stories by @Starscream


@Gaines amedinya point moja mzito but hizi @administrator @anon63245085 @Electronics4u @mundu_mulosi ni ghaseer bladifakin tucker tucker haziskii the opinions of the majority shareholders wa hii kijiji. Na I am warning you 4 madasuckers enedeleeni hivyo mtajipata mkijiongelesha hapa kama ile kijiji ya Senyet maumbwa nyinyi.


You mofos can relate to Karen.

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We mafi


You are gay to ignore rexxumbwa threads

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Admins here are completely ignoring valid concerns from users maybe this site should just crash and burn because the Admins here are a bunch ignorant, trailer-park trash cocksuckers, MAUMBWA! Ktalk should just fucking die and the admins should die with it.

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Hutawaona hapa but nimepata vidi zao vile wanaangalia hii thread



@Electronics4u amehepa

@anon63245085 the retard

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Mimi si block mtu. I just pick and chose what I want to read. You will learn something ocassionally, even from the likes of @Tauren.


Bossman, I dedicate this song to you

But @Tauren be serious! Doesn’t it get to you that black folk can’t seem to get their shit together while junguu and even Asians do it so effortlessly? I don’t hate on the black race I just wonder what is wrong with us, are we cursed? It’s so painful aki coz we have it all yet we keep on begging and running to junguu countries. Why?