Most Americans (especially whites and blacks) are dumb

-They refer to all crawling small creatures as ‘bugs’. They can’t differentiate an insect from a spider.
-They believe in the moon landing hoax alongside other lies from NASA.
-They think South Africa is a province in Australia.
-Most American kids think that chocolate comes from cows.
-American whites think they control the economy but the real owners of USA are Jews. Also the technology is driven by Jews and Asian immigrants.
-Most Americans would rather eat junk processed foods instead of preparing a healthy meal.
-Most Americans think that Africa is one vast country.
-Black Americans are imbeciles


Na wewe si ni dogomothi ya Kenya

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Americans tend to specialize. A scientist in physics will know everything about physics but will tell you Nairobi is a country. A CIA expert in Kenya knows more about Kenya than you. An English Literature teacher will easily quote leading American writers and William Shakespeare while you struggle to tell us three books Ngugi wa Thiongo wrote, the same teacher will not know who is the US chairman of joint chiefs. A black american pro basketball player will make millions of dollars but will not know the capital city of Canada


Yet they donate money to your country in form of aid. Their stupidity is powering the economy.


Niaje mbitika

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98% of Americans cant even show you America on a map. They dont reason beyond their borders. A US senator like Tom Cotton cant differentiate between China and Singapore. Noah Lyles showed American stupidity when he told Americans that NBA champions were American champions and not champions of the world something he received heat from his fellow Americans.


Bro I understand when you can harshly judge them. However, to be a devil’s advocate, where has our smartness as Kenyans taken us to? Si we are cleaver than them? Show me one chip that Professor Anyang Nyong discovered to power our economy? I’ll wait… si mnategemea those Jews living in that country to discover them for you then you guys pay dearly for them?

To be fair, I’ll expect a Chinese to criticize Americans and not someone from a third world country.


Aki someone from that country asked me if Rhinos exist or they are extinct.

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You are out of point. We are talking about American ignorance and not innovations since they got it all

So me as a layman should know more about books than a literature teacher? Isorait.

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It would take lots of effort to debate ain’t that right son

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Why edit the sentence to the point of your average IQ?

because that is the only part that does not flow with the rest

Maybe we might start by defining the word ignorance? However, generalizing Americans to be all ignorant is same as mixing apples and oranges. I would say they are least exposed to the world affairs and not ignorant per se’.

If you read my statement I said 98% of Americans not 100%. The 2% is left for those who actually know other parts of the world especially those who have travelled to different parts and also immigrants who became American citizens.