Mosquitoes outbreak

Have you noticed there is an outbreak of mosquitoes after the change in the hot weather? What is the best way to deal with this bastards?

at night beba malazi yako utoke nazo nje uziwachie nyumba…that should starve them to death

Buy that light electrocuter thing. Huwa naamka naona hundreds zimededi, zinanatoka kwa nyumba inaiendea. But juu wee ni peasant ngoja ushikwe na malaria ukufe.


Just switch on the fan…,

Katia dame huzikula

weka poll:D…

Mtaani natumianga mossi, its effective.


@Jumbekavu sent them in revenge for your polls.

Try look for repellents with only natural ingredients if you have to use a vaporizer/chips


In other words choose how you die, either by malaria (fast death) of by mosquito coil fumes (you die much later)

gooogle the answer, … ama NET

Manze always knew that it’s never a good idea to sleep overnight with a plugged in poison that emits gas which kills mosquitoes. I actually believe that shit will make children retarded.

Nani amejribu hii

Never use that thing. The fact that it is used to kill an organism means the poison can affect you too. Bio accumulation of those toxins can harm you in later life if not immediately. I once stayed over at someones house who has the one for doom. I woke up feeling dizzy and so thirsty that I was barely quenched even after 5 glasses of water.

Natural solutions… coils and vaporizers sold in Kenya cant be trusted.

Enda kwa agrovet ask for ICON WP and how to spray it. Itafukuza mosquitoes for 3 months

hapa ndio wa kenya wenzetu wametoa cancer zingine? just asking