Moslem who came to Jesus

The spelling “Moslem” is considered derogatory

really? by whom?

The dictionary:

Moslem Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

It’s funny how @TrumanCapote you come off as kind of logical on many matters but then you believe in this Religion BS and you defend it with your all.Come on now.

Nicodemus was more logical than me so he decided to go see Jesus at night to avoid his learned friends knowing he visited Jesus. I have personal encounters with God so the same way you can’t logically explain why you fall in love is the same way I can’t explain. The Bible says a worldy person can never understand spiritual things. To them its hocus pocus.

do not blame her , she is deep into heaven & worshipping white jesus because that is exactly how it was intended to be…

.just like us …all her life she was made to cram bible verses every sunday , was threatened with being roasted alive in hell after death every sunday and was brainwashed to worship white jesus all her childhood…that sh*t fucks pple up …thats why it’s so easy for an educated person to believe there is a magical place called heaven yet nobody came from the dead with evidence … saa hizo the guys believing in this stuff has a PHD degree in physics or chemistry !

…she is the best example of what our colonisers wanted… just let her live her life , no amount of evidence can spoil her mzungu jesus husband fantasy

[SIZE=6]…soo sad how our people got mentally enslaved ![/SIZE]

Please research on the origin of the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus/Yeshua, Council of Nicea and most importantly Replacement Theology. Please do not ignore the last one.


Leta link ama pdf tuchambue

Google those topics and read the Wikipedia option. Wikipedia is the only unbiased site.