Moslem outrage after Amber Ray shows off her booty in Kempinski weekend stay cation with Jamal

Socialite hataki kujua uislamu nani, wacha watu waonyeshwe deirdeir waislamu, being married to a moslem doesn’t mean that you are moslem. Religion is PERSONAL.

Wife wars turning nasty by the day.

Vipi Beta Male? What do you do for a living? Gossips an udaku ndio zako. Build yourself ghaseer

Imagine there are people who don’t have to do anything for a living. Kukaa tuu kwa internet… You are the one who needs to jijenga and stop telling people what to do with their time. It’s theirs not yours. Kama hunilishi Sijui why how I spend MY time is affecting you. Fagia kwako.

Tuletee hio video priss

Now the husband is learning the hard way: “kunguru hafugiki”. Most of these kenyan women calling themselves “socialites” tend to be hard core kungurus.

Vaa tu dera nani

Unataka kuona matako? It’s in the video

Bora matako. You can be the great whore of Babylon but matako kubwa covers multitude of sins. You can do no evil. The only men calling these women kurungu is men like you who can’t afford them. Sour grapes. We kama uwezi afford usituletee kunguru narratives for brokeasses, do you think Jamal does not know her past? Have you read about Trump’s wife’s past? Loaded men want kunguru, mabrokeass ndio wako na problems na kunguru coz kunguru don’t want their broke ass. Acheni machungu. Just accept ni KU afford huwezi afford. And for your information it is Jamal who was recording her naked in Kempinski, so Sijui nani anarealize nini hapa.

Its not about being broke its about stating facts. Hautawai skia many of us calling ordinary working women on Instagram kunguru.
Some kenya instagram “socialites” themselves have posted numerous videos exposing how they earn money. one of them who stated on video how she and some of her friends used to come home incognito from Dubai feeling fatigued due to whoring.
It looks like you blocked so many ppl to the point you missed those videos.
I would recommend on youtube search:" what instagram models do in dubai" then you will learn why I call them kunguru.

You do know some rich men even marry pornstars. Does that erase the fact those women are kungurus?

Prostitution is everywhere my friend, if you have ever kulad Mali ya haramu, you have prostituted your conscience for money. Don’t judge people bcz they sin differently. Very few people in the world are not prostitutes.

Men are superficial. They don’t care how kunguru you are unless they are not attracted to a woman. You can even be the devil’s wife. It does not matter. What matters is how you make them feel. Men have zero sense of morality. They adapt to the woman’s morality. Amphibians.