Moses Wetangula caught up in Sh400 million fake gold scam

and about 2 weeks ago, after the China debacle, none other than the top two cronies were in Dubai…where we can now presume was a damage control mission.

It failed and #1 has been holed up at Sagana or wherever since.

How many people in Africa look like this?


Kila mtu anakula sasa full throttle

One more time I realized that nothing is a safe haven. If you have something, you need to hold it with your teeth. And buying a new stuff, such as gold, is risky. And, as a lot of people say, owning a business and earning money every day is the best way to avoid depreciation of your actives. I thought about gold trading. Even found a company that can be trusted. A group of companies. But now I’m thinking: if the market is over flooded with fake gold, buying it is even more risky than it was before. Or not?

The companies which sell gold: [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]

Hii mambo iliishaje?