Moses Wetangula accused of failing to pay for dogs

Bungoma Senator and One Kenya Alliance principal Moses Wetangula has been accused of failing to pay a farmer after he supplied him with dogs.

James Isokat says he supplied the senator with well-trained and microchipped German shepherd dogs at his Karen residence on June 11, 2021, but the legislator has not paid him in full.

He now says Wetangula’s move can only be likened to that of a brave thief and maintains that the politician has stolen from him (Isokat).

Ameniibia mbwa zangu sababu tulielewana na hajanilipa (he has stolen my dogs because he has not kept his side of the bargain,” Isokat told K24 Digital.

According to an invoice in our possession, Wetangula was charged Ksh348,000 but this far, he has only paid ksh100,000.

Isokat says that he has used all means in a bid to compel Wetangula to pay the remaining amount but the senator has ‘blatantly’ refused.

“On June 11 this year Bungoma Senator ordered well-trained dogs and we delivered at his Karen residence, we charged him Sh348,100 but he only paid Sh100,000, the remaining was to be collected the following morning but he hasn’t paid up-to-date. He has been taking me around with numerous threats from his security guards,” Isokat said.

Isokat, who does his dog farming business in Nairobi, has since reported the matter to the Karen police station on 8/07/2021 and his case was booked in OB7A1N1N19/21

Background check kidogo tu na angejua Weta ni jambazi sugu … wacha akule ujeuri wake sasa. Weta si mtu wa kulipia mbwa 300k. Hata ni bahati alipata 100k.

Cash on delivery

Every time you are dealing with a politician for whatever deals, ask for advance payment.