Moses Kuria's Sarcasm?

This is what he had to say pale fb after kusoma BBI:

[I]"I have just finished reading the BBI report for myself. I was particularly looking to see why Kenyans fight after every election. This is undoubtedly the biggest win for the BBI and the handshake. I was hoping to see what BBI recommends we do with Moi (retired President Daniel Moi) for igniting violence in 1992 and 1997.

“I was hoping to see how Kenya will honour Uhuru Kenyatta for accepting the 2002 results like a Democrat, a gentleman and a patriot thus avoiding post-election violence. I was hoping to see what BBI recommends we do with Raila Odinga for refusing to go to court in 2007 thus causing two junior officers Kenyatta and William Ruto to be taken to the ICC,”

"I was hoping the BBI will cite Raila Odinga for refusing to take part in the October 26, 2017 repeat elections and thus contributing to the[/I] death of Baby Pendo. I am sure all these things are there. I will visit Optica (a firm that sells spectacles) today and re-read the BBI report…

Kuria for president

Moses Kuria DGAF. Him and Miguna Miguna are cut from the same cloth.

No way.
He has valid points - today
Come 2022 he will be telling the youth to sharpen the machetes.

for someone whos is literally the president’s hometown MP this is bravery vinoma

Kenya is an other case. Nobody wants to give nothing and forget for the sake of true genuine conciliation. Nobody will say “It was me, I did wrong, I am sorry, please forgive me! No one will say,” It doesn’t matter now, just forget it just let’s not let madness overwhelm us ever again!". Each of us is like “you did me wrong and I will never FORGET/forgive you”, and “No! I didn’t do no fvcking shit! It’s you who did me wrong! YOU apologise now and shut the fvck up”!

How will we ever reconcile with ourselves if we never admit to wronging ourselves?

Some of these bonobos never see beyond their nose.

“Revolutions eat their own children…” James Orengo, his time will come. His seat has been reserved for Uhuru’s son, 2022 aende senate( it will be a tragedy to vote out Wamatangi and bring in Kuria) ama governor ama women rep.

Najua the day atateleza in his tax issues he will be sent to Shimo la Tewa prison without trial. He was the one who told Kiambu people that development is taken elsewhere while locally all they get are sobriety certificates

Wamangi is going home, he has no support last elections he almost lost to an mca

Uhuru told us Baba ni “kimundu kiguruki” (mad man) while Raila told us Uhunye ni mvutaji wa bangi na mraibu wa pombe (ie Mlevi hohehahe) Like Moses Kuria, I am waiting to see where BBI recommends that Kenya can be effectively be governed by mad men and drunkards. I like Moses Kuria. He is very sharp.

I would never trust this dude if I were in Ruto’s camp…this dude would have killed ( or probably did) for Uhuru. We know how spies were planted in ODM.

As I’ve said multiple times, this is self preservation. Not bravery.

That is the issue, isn’t it? All leaders know what needs to be done… when it suits their interests. Raila akiwa opposition alikua na ideas nyingiza kujenga taifa saa hii ako ndani ya serikali ako bidii akijenga career yake.