Moses Kuria's legs to be amputated? Is karma punishing him for his sins?

He has undergone the 7th surgery. Is the Lord punishing him for insulting the chosen leader Ohuru who also happens to be his constituent? (NB leaders come from the Lord). Have you ever heard the MP wa sugoi insulting lootall?

I feel sorry for the man… i will rem him in my prayaz.

Yaani he is in a hospital bed in Dubai undergoing the 7th surgery but is preoccupied with attacking Ohuru? Kweli when the gods want to finish you, they make you mad.


[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]All jigger hosts have the same outcome.
msando still giving people sleepless nights.[/SIZE]

All the legs?

OK it’s wast to go that extreme, feel sorry for him.

hol up…
ni mugonjwa wapi?

pole Kuria but its Karma

Might have been a secret operation to eliminate him. IDK though

Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt ruled for 12 years - The longest serving Us president. Lakini wooooiii, kuria amekuwa kiwete

kwani how hot was that blanket

The nerves must be long dead

Pole Sana kuria. Health is wealth


This was just a month ago. Don’t exaggerate the idiot’s demise yet.

[SIZE=7]Gideon Moi, Jirongo visit Moses Kuria in hospital[/SIZE]

Ako kajinga kana chuki za kikabila sana. First term ya Uhuruto this guy was pure evil.

Moses kuria needs repentance

The Information that I have is that Kuria is now supporting RAO… This could be a final act before he officially moves to Baba’s camp… Or may be not… Politicians have several faces…

As a result of looting public coffers, we remain a dumping ground for defective devices. He is one of the looters. And a recipient of the effects of such devices.

Its political prostitution season. Stay with Rao now and he will become a guaranteed billionaire in the next 8 months. Public funds are at Raos disposal.

Yeah… I think he is using this to hide but he is certainly no longer with WSR from confidential sources