Moses Kuria's 2022 projection. It's a two horse race with a clear win for Raila Odinga.


Yaani ata Moses Kuria anekuwa relevant hivi.This country is not headed for the best if these are the kind of people being looked up to

Fake news. Next…

Niaje keepeee,ulidunga nini ndio ukainusa

Wacha maswali mingi puga

Puga inakuwaga ni nini?

Throwing tantrums.

Moses Kuria is trying to bargain Mt. Kenya parties to form a coalition with UDA.

And jambazi sugu wants to have one party so that he can appoint 18 kaleos to be cabinet secretaries.

the Latin meaning is adequate for you

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hapo sasa Baba amechukua mountain

So WSR has a greater chance if he keeps the house divided, and according to @spear man Giddy amelipa wiper wachafua Ile union.
Seems to me the rift is working on the same script