Moses Kuria

What happened to him.

Huna bundles? It’s about what is about to happen to him

How would they block him? On what grounds?

Rusha kakitu mrembo.

The point is that parliament can be used to block him while still giving the impression that I nominated you but Parliament are the ones behind your losing the seat. Technically Moses Kuria did not bring substantial numbers of votes

Now Kuria knows the little secret. Why did you tell him?:):slight_smile:

[SIZE=5]Anxiety over Gachagua-Kuria SPLIT over Mt Kenya succession Ruto triggered by Ruto Cabinet move[/SIZE]


Moses Kuria is just a loud mouth,there are far better persons who lead the mount Kenians.
Gachagua too is just a wave on revenge mission,once he get his birrions back,you’ll not hear of him again

Will Aisha Jumwa survive the vetting process?