Moses KURIA the most travelled CS

Trade CS Moses Kuria now the most travelled CS in Ruto’s cabinet.

He has travelled abroad 19 times in the first 100 days.

In February alone he has travelled 10 countries and met 11 sitting presidents.

That guy is the only hardworking CS in the current gaffement.
The others are just there?
MADVD huwa anafanya nini?
Na Mashogu?
Who is the CS for health?
Who is the CS for tourism?

Kuria has travelled more than the Foreign affairs CS Mutua.

Claiming per diem.

And sampling foreign brews:):slight_smile:

Na CS wa Lands ni nani?

Has he ever appeared in the news addressing pressing national land issues?

The Nairobi lands registry for example is a total mess. Nothing is moving there and a backlog of billions of shillings worth of transactions have been on hold since September last year due to inability to register transfers without any forseeable resolution.

The CS is never seen nor heard.

Kuria the Cs is different from Kuria the politician

He should streamline the process of setting up business… / manufacturing

:D:D:D and lanyes

You bugger umekuwa wapi? Ni lazima urudi na comeback moto ivi?:D:D