Moses kuria lazima ni talker

He vows to insert a broken bottle Kwa ikuss ya huyu mama
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Moses Kuria doesn’t have a facebook account. All these are fake.


Rotten fish stinking cunt

The epitome of ugly, JaKuon’s One Bitch Army, and a guarantee for losing any contest by default. Sadly, goD of Bondo cannot tame her.


Siasa za ujinga na Upuzi!!


Moses Kuria is an idiot.

Are you sure? There is one which I follow where he even updates his visits to local schools, churches etc kama ile ya uhuru.
And if they are fake, why hasnt he reported this to facebook for them to shut them down for impersonation vile sonko alifanya??

Uthamaki aside, you just have to accept this Moses Kuria is an idiot vile umeambiwa hapo juu.

Millie is following Conjes footstep. One day tutaamka tupate anaokota makaratasi


dawa ya umeffi ni umeffi zaidi

And what’s the big deal in being a talker if I may ask? It’s just another online forum like many others.

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@spear kadanganye Masai. The page mpaka iko sponsored, paid in full to appear on kenyans timelines. Hii account ni yake.



wewe unacheka nini sasa?meffi


usinianze ,i am in a very foul mood,wame delete thread yangu

kwanini umetusi Millie Odhiambo hivyo FB na anaweza kukumalizia dryspell

hio siwezi kamua afadhali dry spell inimalize

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They just lift his posts from twitter and update it at their own fake facebook accounts. Then you expect Moses Kuria to constantly stay online to report every account that crops up.


Anyone can sponsor any account its just money and how willing are you to go. The only standard measure that the account is true is “verified” by Facebook themselves.

Why would someone bother paying facebook for a fake profile? Whats the benefit? Doesnt make sense at all.
Every politician must have a facebook page nowadays, its very effective in communicating to masses. Usiniambie Kuria hana