Moses Kuria Is on Track This Time Round!

NB; Do not respond to this post if your intention is to call Moses Kuria etc names. Skip and move on. This is purely informative and your input is not desired if personal!

1.BBI is nonsense. Kenya has a track record of trashing MOUs, and its laws. BBI won’t change that. It is not worth the time! BBI died long time, anyway! Raila is dancing to his own tune. He invited a few women the other day so that he can teach them some chorus!
2. Referendum for this year is nonsense. It is a waste of money. Obey the laws you have to prove you need more laws.
3. No need for constitutional change. Not with the current group in place! It shall be done later. And for those who have a short memory, did we get rid of the chiefs, DCs, PCs, only for them to be reintroduced? Which First World democracy uses chiefs, DCs, PCs? You may call them County Commissioners, Regional Commissioners etc. Their intention is to enhance the central grip on power; they are averse to decentralization!
4. Blacks are not going to re-engineer democracy! Just copy and paste since you lack crediblity and integrity! Choose American system, British System, or whatever system and apply it to the letter till you are mature enough to obey your own laws. Courts are not obeying laws, politicians are trashing MOUs, and everybody is lying!
5. As mentioned earlier, Uhuru is condomizing and he is thro’ with Ruto, thro’ with Raila, and he already has eyes trained elsewhere. Uhuru as used here is an institution. As of now it is best to support the government in all its endevors without letting it get away with excesses. Time shall come to “REVISIT”.


You are just another dog’s anus.

kuria angoje Uzito bunge, he has been bragging about having numbers in parliament.

names! Names! Names!

Kuria is a Ruto’s mouth piece, If Uhuru and Ruto were still together, he would not see an issue with the regime looting everything…
Fuck him…

They say that “politics is about numbers, and numbers can be easily reduced” through clandestine or unorthodox means. Moses is addressing issues of intimidation, assassinations and flouting of Kenyan Laws in a bid to harass persons of alternative leanings. Yes, many have been killed before, politicians have been incarcerated, physically and verbally abused, the courts have been emasculated etc . How do we move a way from a repeat of such? It is true that most politicians shouting loudest do not do it on behalf of the electorate. But that is the lowest we should go!

You meant, “a Gods’ sun”. Thanks! Spell “son”. And better learn to write what we all understand.