Moses Kuria: I will vie for presidency in 2022 deputised by Raila, Kivutha or Ruto

Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP) Moses Kuria says he will contest for the presidential seat in the 2022 General Election.


Speaking on Hot 96 breakfast show, Kuria expressed optimism that he would win in a contest against William Ruto, saying if successful, he would offer the now deputy president a post in his government.

His sentiments come a week after days of speculation that he was planning to ditch the Jubilee party for the Democratic Party (DP) following a tell-tale post he made on social media.

Kuria had posted a flag of the DP party on his social media with a claim that the party would be the choice of Mt Kenya leaders.

Such kinds of cockiness and you wonder why hatred is thought of as an accident.

In 2022 MK will be a @maizeroaster in Ituramîro

You know very well what he is good at roasting hapo kwa hiyo joint yako Kool Bar… Place mnachana sukuma and other herbs from Kingstone

these idiots are just confirming Ruto’s presidency …he’s unstoppable now period

They are called curve balls. Distract people (too much attention was being put on Gideon Moi, who incidentally has gone quiet), Muddy the waters by making the whole 2022 game a comedy and people fail to see the grand plan simmering in the background. We can’t call it now for anybody and that’s how the system wants it. Ruto could as well strike a deal either to opt out or play as requested. The presidency is decided in a boardroom sio kura ya mayowe.

what is wrong with tht
hiyo ujinga ya tribal deals sijui. expexting more than 6 million people to think uniformly like cows is an insult

Totally totally agreed… Tunachezewa kadi

Kuria hawesmake…he’s only popular among kiambu residents and some Twitter middle class idiots… Sisi watu was muranga hapa tambua mlevi

Na mambo ya deni unaiyona aje 2022…tanalipa?

Tuko nyuma yako baba

What’s wrong with being cocky?

Psychopaths are rare. The fact that you are asking is all telling. Cheers 1%nter.

Jibu swali, what’s wrong with being cocky? Ruto may be cocky but is there anything wrong or psychopathic about it and how are the two linked?

[li]conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way.[/li][/ol]