Mosanto & Other Biotech Companies Will Have Kenyans By Their Nuts. Just Wait

Gene modification is serious stuff. The patented genes from these bio techs are made in such a way that they can only respond to certain pesticides and fertilizers. So the same company can make their GMO armyworms and weevils mkikosana.

Ile cross pollination itafanyika Kenya will convert all maize to GMO.

There is a reason why REAL Organic Food is expensive. Mtajua hamjui

Not to forget,it renders your land useless unless same GMO are planted . The seeds fcuk up the soil too. Worst part is ,if you have your kienyeji piece of land next to monsato’s ,they will come for your crop under intelectual property act due to cross ‘pollination’

We are fvcked lakini maumbwa wakiambiwa Left wanaenda Left, wakiongezewa in Jesus name then no further questions are asked. Maombi solves everything.

Ruto ile Botany alifanya huko ma 1988 is not applicable in 2022

Africans are just lazy. You can create gmo food in your garage right now if you have a degree in biotech or genetics. Netflix has a documentary on this.

You can buy dna sequences for as low as $2000. People are modyfying their own bodies as we speak. You are just a code like a computer code. Monsanto are in fact the good guys because they are forced to follow ethics, you haven’t met transgenders trying to rewire themselves and they don’t care about ethics. According to netflix you don’t even need a science degree, all you need is YouTube. Netflix covered what is available in U.S only… what are they doing in China and Russia where there are no rules?

China has already cloned a human and released a bioweapon from bat viruses.

If you drive to Bungoma you will see acres of maize with papers written improved seed. Kwani improved seed unadhani ni nini? From Kitale to Bungoma you see huge signs written “Maize from University of… No. 123…”

Nyinyi wajuluo mmekula improved maize and improved tilapia for decades now. Hata omena imeguzwo.

@patco niaje.

Prophet Owner na Kanyari wamekamata nyinyi ile design M7 hukamata Besigye lakini ikifika kwa Monsanto mnalia eti mnaumizwa? Vumilieni tu

Thought it’s seed sex to produce high IQ seeds

Kenya consumes a shitload of milk from gmo cows from Netherlands and Israel. Kenyan farmers today buy modified semen of cows that produce abnormal amounts of milk and are resistsnt to diseases.

Ukienda kwa chemist huwa unasema nataka broad-spectrum iuwe kaswende zote na minyoo zote. Kwani unadhani broadspectrum ni nini?

The beer you drink has imported hops. Kwanza mnapenda Heineken sana. You buy Skippy peanut butter from South Africa. Weetabix from S.A.


Wewe unakaa kulula hizi machungwa tamu sana from South Africa and Egypt and Israel. Seedless. Seedless grapes. Unadhani hio sukari tamu inatoka wapi yet oranges used to be bitter? Na tangerine tamu kama icecream.

Just go to githurai and you will see grapes written Dole. Dole is an American mega corporation and they sell gmo fruit and veggies in every country on earth. Hata hizo mandizi mnakula ni za Dole Monsanto. Very nice looking bananas.


Hii dunia itakuwa poa humans wakikuwa extinct na generation ingine iletwe na Annunaki like it happened in the Great Flood.

Hoi mandizi supplied to Nairobi market by Twiga ni ya GMO? Na hii Pixie orange ilitoka wapi? Which seeds had sex? Funny enough I buy the apples ziko na kabrown kiasi siwesnunua those shiny spot free ones

It’s impossible to label hizi vitu juu hata watu kama Delmonte or Quencher or peptang they import sugars and preservatives containing gmo products.

And then Kenyan middleclass love imported foods , drinks, wines, chocolates, pizzas, njugus…

A kenyan will buy Delmonte and Ceres from S.A sometimes France. Na pale kwa fruit section Carrefour, Dole is waiting patiently with fruits you have never seen before. Kwa wines section South Africa na France wanakungojea tena na grapes zao gmo :






Hata njugu karanga ni GMO? Vile watu wa matawi huzitafuna. And can buy. Concentrate from of be of these soda companies for your party. Malenge ni GMO?

You prolly have manboobs from Monsato

Yes. But utaambiwa ati ni variety mpya in the market, from where??
Hata mellon plus hio malenge. Kenyans eat the gigantic U.S mellons.
And then ukienda gym akina @Kahuni Maisha watu wa gym they have the protein shakes and mass gainers. Ukifika 56 years unakatwa miguu juu roho imeshindwa kufikisha damu huko chini.

Ukienda kwa akina sani, they sometimes use performance enhancing drugs synthesized using the same processes. Some are more powerful than steroids. You will now find white people running better than kalenjins. Unashindwa how is this happening?

Ukiingia nfl, nba, boxing they all use something genetic. You look at soccer players in their late 30s playing and running like teenagers. Pale Olympics records are being broken in every event… how now?
Some countries NEVER win anything, others wanafagia medals zote.

Monsanto are the good ones at least you know them. What of the many others who operate in hiding?

China for instance has invested billions of dollars in this research. Wakitengeneza mbegu mbaya they blame monsanto.

stop justifying slavery…if they can do this to whities, what do you think they will do to bonobos?

Si hii Monsanto ilinunuliwo na Bayer ya Germany. Watengeneze food chemical poison halafu sasa GMO??? Iss too too much now

story ya jaba