Mory Kante is dead


Is he Ngolo Kante’s father?



We sang his hit song even without knowing what the words meant. May he rest in peace. Later on today I’ll try to find out the meaning of the song

Hehehe. Yaani you had to respond to this tounge in cheek question.


May he RIP, whenever I hear that song URTNA comes to mind.

His hit song nilikuwa naiona pare URTNA kwa greatwall ya red tukiishi modern slum dandora phase 3 in the 90’s. Later it used to be played randomly on radio stations, pamoja na ile Koth Biro ya mjaka and then some. we never knew the words but somehow we sang along and knew the words by heart.


Most awesome Afro musicians have passed on akina fela kuti and such.

Tumebaki na kina stevo simpo boy, ethic, tano tena thurakus, some ghaseer I heard today while flipping channels kwa teefee singing Pa…pa…Pandemic!
Zile ngoma hubamba ghaseer kama @johntez addi gaza msafi na @tall mnyama everywhere :D:D:D
Umeffi tunes just to make a quick buck.

Funny enough hio chorus ina rhyme na @mayekeke

And now some random images[ATTACH=full]303976[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]303977[/ATTACH]

Totally factual information. Can’t agree more.

An African King


Hawa ni wale walikuwa na 4 page thread about the death of a random country music singer.

True. Beyond help

Kweli kabsa, fond memories indeed tukiwa pale umoja 1.There is an artist from Mali who had a hit song back then that never missed being played on URTNA .Bastille Day ya last year at the French ambassador’s residence hio ngoma ilichezwa mara kama 20 nika try kuitafuta kwa sound hound but sikuipata.

Ulipewa kichwa ukanyimwa akili

I remember singing “yusufu na rukia” a.k.a yeke yeke . Hii 2020 imefagia musicians wazito jameni tunaachiwa balaa zipige kelele kwa tenje

How old are you?:rolleyes:

Todays year old;):wink:

Ukiona mwanamziki anatambua kucheza hiyo instrument (Kora) heshimu yeye

Who cares? You will die too!

Pure talent