Morning Rant. This Tin god

Who the hell does this one man think he is. Demos tena in the heart of the CBD??? Amekaa chini akaona wakenya wanavumilia na biashara even though it is already paralysed. Sasa ameona watu wafunge mabiashara totally wakae nyumbani??

Who does he think he is? Even asking his own followers in kibera wasiende kazi, remember that?

Sasa ati he is making people sing along to a stupid song ati “ata wakituua hatusongi nyuma, ata tukipigwa mateke…” MF%@$#&*!!

Does he think he holds the monopoly over violence or over demos?
Awache ujinga pia yeye! Coz thats what this is. He is an attention seeker and thinks that the world revolves around him it doesnt and it never will!



And who do you think you are? You are just an attention seeker. Do you think you have the monopoly of asking the questions you’ve asked? End of my rant.

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unaona hapo kwa Abraham Maslow’s pyramid? ako hapo mbele ya self actualization. the world may not revolve around him but he’s the centre of our little universe. akikohoa, akinyamba…you’ll either watch it or read about it.


Kuna demonstrations leo?

Wacha nisiseme kitu.

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This was his last bullet. Breakfast ya Ujeru iko vipi.

must go my frens…

yes we are really enjoying

Smh. Try a better injunction! Thats a fail!

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Hio comment umejibu iko wapi?


haha si una ufala ati ameshapita self actualization sasa ni kusumbua tu


eeh man. raira na ouru wanajibamba tu

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Kwani hawa characters wa iebc… What’s so hard in them resigning and saving us all this drama we’ve seen and will continue to see

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But resigning is an admission of guilt. Imagine if you just resigned when people accused you on pure falsities! The DPP has already started investigations


We cannot be giving in to his demands whenever he makes them…The commissioners were Vindicated by the same Supreme Court that nullified the election. Follow the fucking law. I pray the traders in the cbd will not allow him and his goons to disrupt their businesses.


yea, people should demonstrate over him for a change!