Morning Rant. This Tin god

imetolewa haraka sana after kuona the irony

Let’s hope that the uhuruto duo won’t fail us this time

Raila has no plan for Kenya. He is only interest is to get to the top sit by whichever means.

Have you notices that 90% of his campaigns are in burials? :eek::eek::eek::mad::mad::mad:

Watu wamechoka. Waititu said he is ready for him

that true. the reason he is giving this tantrums is because he feels entitled because so far, UhuRuto have given in to his every whim. Not to mention there is no time to chose other commissioners and given the divided atmosphere, who would select commissioners that would be agreeable to all sides? Kony simply wants no elections so the next delaying tactic would be on selection

Vile @Nattydread atasema

Hata mimi

@Art kuja and give us the plan that you have, business people will suffer and rents have to be paid considering this year, business is slow

Have you notices that 90% of his campaigns are in burials?

And slums!!!

We are categorical hatumtaki, mambo ya uchawi, mambo ya kuzimu hatutaki!

This guy is not planing on doing any campaigns. He is not ready for any elections. He just wants a shortcut to the presidency.

Hio haiwezekani, apana. It has has become too much, again there is no time. we can also demand the resigning of maraga actually he is more guilty than any IEBC official

he is campaigning the best way he always does…

Ruto alisema this circus must stop.