Morning Mortals, Back From Vacay

Of course some of you will insist it was a ban, but why squabble over semantics? Let’s just agree I took some time off at @admin’s “suggestion”. Now that I’m back, I’m a little surprised that Kenyatalk footpaths were not scrubbed with mineral water and detergent in anticipation of my second cumming. What’s the point of being God if I cannot enjoy such simple perks? How does Prophet Owuor, a mere mortal, convince his kondoos to do it?
Also, this year I pledge not to cause trouble. I will ask admin for permission before insulting anyone. I’m not being sarcastic.
Or am I?

Niaje okuyu

Poa msitoooo…leta odds za leo, ata kama huwa sibet :D:D

Okuyo leta hekaya moja. You sound like you have had many adventures before becoming a deity.

Betting hadi kesho…hii wiki nimekamuliwa kaa fresha pale kamiti:D

Lakini kuna kamoja ka Australia namezea mate Newcastle jets to win…

All in due course my nigga…acha kwanza ni"acclimatize".

PukeToTheChoo umemaliza maternity leave?

Hehehe. Mbona ulikula ban?

Mukamba muyinga, heshima ni muhimu pris. Btw, natafuta tyres 29 kama hizi, unaeza pata? Talkers ni kusaidiana.

I suspect it had something to do with me referring to one of @Swansea’s parents as a female canine. It was a political thread, you know how things get heated over there. It went downhill from there. He caught feelings, went to hide under admin’s skirt, generally made a very big deal of it.
The details are sketchy, I can’t really say I remember any of it :D:D

Macho ya @vuja de imeng’ara mpaka 2022

Kumbe it was a snitch operation,:D:D:D

Shait. one tyre like that can catapult me into birrionea status

Bana, and the ban came with a very stern warning from management to “tone it down”. Right now I’m even scared of using normal, acceptable insults like mbwa, malaya, kuma chafu et al. An overambitious moderator could be hovering over my posts, waiting for an excuse to ban me till twedy twedy fae :(:frowning:

gay thread

…exclaimed Kihii Kiaganu, as he grabbed a tube of lube.

papa kwani ulibaiwa njoguine hauja post ile mharoshakura yako

:D:DIndeed, avoid words like mbea, malaya and kuma chafu, they might get you banned

DO1 uliwacha umama ?

Niaje kiuk? Hauna beef na your senior God?