Morning Glory-the parking lot!

Hello elders, hope you had a fruitful Moi day. Straight to the point, y’all remember I once posted a thread here about a certain curvy ghel I was thirsting about at my work building. Then I explained how the boss who’s a young guy had a Mazda Axela Turbo charged … I know now you remember? Right ?
So just a few minutes ago as I was leaving the basement parking lot I saw the girl getting into the guys car ( the Mazda ) . I immediately got interested to know what’s happening, at first I thought maybe she was sent to collect something from the car.
Jokingly I asked the Askari who man’s the basement lot about the issue cz at times I give him chai. He laughed and told me, they always fuck almost on daily basis. That’s every morning. So he ain’t see anything funny with it cz even the guy usually gives the soldier at times not less than ksh. 200 on good days.
I remember when I posted that thread here I was warmed about this saloon bimbos. Aty most of them are feminist and single mothers boreholes.
Now my question is, if this guy really loves the girl, why don’t he take her to his place and sample goods in peace? Is the young negro married ? Perhaps I don’t think so cz I was saw them leave the premises at 10:00 PM sometimes back If this girl has principles why don’t they date seriously? …
Is this what our beautiful daughters will have to go through in order to secure a permanent employment? …

The act happened at Krishna centre, Basement parking … Though I can’t disclose the name of the salon … or it’s just another beta male …[ATTACH=full]264621[/ATTACH]


Wapi hizo leso @Motokubwa? Ama ulifunga nazo nyama?

Common occurrence where i used to work. And NOT with salon ‘bimbos’ as you call them. Heck, guys wives were being banged in one of the indoors parking lots in the cbd.

Befriend sodjas and you get to know a lot about the guys you work with.

I was just speechless , hii asubuhi yote na hii baridi ninja ishaa fika inagonja ikus … life

The thrill boss,the thrill!


And perhaps unsurprisingly even one of the said sodjas was a participant


The thrill is what tickles

Hoes everywhere. I am usually surprised by guys who say ukikula bibi ya mtu then karma will follow you. Nimekula working class wengi sana and some are married

Boss accept that ulitokwa…jus coz she turned you down and she shagged another nigga shows you stakes were lower than expected…

and to say that she is a salon bimbo is prejudice…some are married women who have sex with other people…nothing strange…

I mean thats just a common occurence…usishtuke kuskia sodja pia yeye hukula iyo kitu chini ya maji ndo asiongee…

basically nowadays its just your turn to eat…eat and leave achia wengine

Tafuta slices afu uondokee, if it’s not you doing the banging, well someone else is, look at the modern dating game like a public listed companies, there are many shareholders

Why do you come across as someone who is so obsessed with her…mpaka reminding us about an old thread, taking her picture and posting it here, naming the building, and lastly going to confirm with the watchie, your worst fears. Sasa now that umejua vile kunaeenda, whatchagonnado? Obsession ni kitu mbaya sana.

It happens a lot. Just mind YOB and you’ll have a happier life.

Ghaseer, I know this lady, she left yahboiselfie for some other boss who impregnated her, hii mcheso ashazoea, she is strong and independent now

Acha umama, mind your own business. Sasa unaanza kutuuliza maswali ya mtu hata hatujui ati "Is the young negro married?

Digi…how comes you seem to know most of the women whose mugs are posted here for all and sundry to see?


Fashion photography and models for magazines, know a huge percentage of the beautiful ladies