morgan Freeman

This now is the pure talent and blessing, the order he gets the better he becomes.
I just watched this movie and he is on another level, and the suspense? If you have watched its okay, if you haven’t you are missing something as i was.

Next time download the ferkin’ poster. Wacha kutumia pinhole camera.


Tuliona three months after iyo time imewekwa hapo

To me he has done better…

Did you read the thread ama nikuruka kwa comments kama babu yako baboun?

like his documentaries

Niaje Nduku


:D:D Jaymo usicatch. At least not to me. Tunategea pay bill side ingine. Shenzi sana.

Na uwache kutetemeka mkono

Wakavindu wíasya ata?

Morgan freeman has little say over suspense unless if he is the director , script writer, or some other motion picture expert in the filming crew.

The guy is good. If he were white, he would be on a pedestal…right up there above the best.

He never grow old.

Try this [ATTACH=full]147795[/ATTACH]


:D:D Wah lakini @Chloe umekuwa moto ingine. Unakanyaga kila mtu kama mende.

He’s never been young, either.

sweep kama ile ya elephant man

Just rewatched Shawshank Redemption last night and loved it as usual despite knowing the ending.