More Trouble For Kenyan Linked to 7 Murders in US

Billy Chemirmir from Baringo County is currently facing 3 more murder charges in the United States.

This comes after he was linked to seven more murder cases in North Texas. According to reports by the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Court grand jury handed three new capital murder charges to Chimirmir.


“Chemirmir has now been charged with 17 counts of capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder in Dallas and Collin counties.
“He has also been linked through medical examiner reports and civil case filings in seven other deaths, bringing the total to 24 deaths in North Texas,” read part of the report posted on the publication.

Reports indicated that the suspect pretended to be a handyman in order to access the houses of the elderly before murdering them.

He allegedly stole expensive Jewelry from the said victims which he sold.

From the new charges, the first two murder victims, Joyce Abramowitz and Margaret White, both had missing pieces of jewelry reported to the police by their family relatives.

The third victim, Dorris Wasserman, was found lying on her bed, fully clothed and unresponsive.

The disputes were refuted by Chimirmir’s lawyer Philip Hayes who claimed that a lot of the evidence is circumstantial. The lawyer further stated that most of the evidence may put the suspect in the area of the alleged murder, but didn’t actually pin him as the actual killer.

“It seems like every unexplained death they come up with, they’re pinning on him.

“If you look at all of it, it doesn’t stand up," Hayes stated.

The court proceedings, which dated back to July, were further delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chimirmir, who is facing a death penalty trial, has been held in a Dallas jail since March 2018, after failing to raise Ksh11.2 billion bail.

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