More than 2,000 deaths in 24 hours

What is happening huko mayolo? US records a world record of 2108 deaths in 24 hours due to corona virus.

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— AFP news agency (@AFP) April 11, 2020

Uncle Sam hataki kushindwa na Italy.

Wololo i must slaugter a pig for the weekend

What’s their great enlightened leader who promised to MAGA saying about it?
No slogan in political campaigns has backfired so terribly.
The exponential curve in US numbers is scary.

4 weeks ago: 49 deaths
3 weeks ago: 249 deaths
2 weeks ago: 1,588 deaths
1 week ago: 7,152 deaths
Right now: 18,693 deaths

Dark web videos show empty hospitals,but that’s none of my bizniz

Malipo ni hapa hapa tu.

USA deserves even 10,000 deaths per hour. It is the worst terrorist nation on earth.

No thermal evidence, no videos, no pictures. I’m starting to doubt MSM

If you know you know

Lies, pure lies. So there are no other causes of death since covid-19 came into the picture?? In order to list a patient as a covid death, doctors aren’t mandated to have positive confirmatory tests. A doctor is allowed to list covid as the cause of death based on presumption alone. The plan is to scare everyone to stay put and BEG for a Bill Gates vaccine.

These seem to be imaginary figures coz they don’t appear in official records

[SIZE=6]Coronavirus Killing A Lot Of Blacks In The U.S[/SIZE]

Ngui chinja mbuzi ndio kila mtu akule

Cheza chini mum. Hii kitu si mchezo. I know you know as a nurse that ukiwa na another illness kama normal homa, corona sends you to your maker without bargaining