More taxation

More pain

Time for kenyans to wake up and reclaim
back our nation from these beasts

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This link inaitisha Pesa Mdau.

Sema Evarline, naona your genius president is not giving you bottom up hurubaro hustlers any concessions.

Sweetheart si ulikua hapa ukitusi Mzee raira na kusupport jambazi na Ile mbwa yake :green_emoji:if I can get my thread nkiwaambia mwizi ni mwizi na hawezi change . A thief who stole millions and got away will be bold enough to steal birrions. Huyu alisanya kimwerer birrions sasa atasanya treasury trillions. But I prophesy to him all that money he is stealing will end up like that of Mugabe . His kids will choke on that money and curses of citizens. All his thievery will be vanity because he used to pretend to be Christian pretending to kneel and seek god’s help kumbe ni sheitan mbwa mwitu


Kimemramba. “Oh, where’s chief hasora when you need him to save us from dynasty and handshake?”
:rofl: :rofl:


Mambo Bado

Road to Damascus Moment, when did it happen ?