More sad news for @nattydread.

More sad news for @Nattydread and his wife @Amused . What a sad day for liberals. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Now, next year replace the name Boris Johnson with Trump.

[SIZE=7]Boris Johnson set for big win[/SIZE]
Friday December 13 2019
This comes as Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn said he will not lead the party at the next general election’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. FILE PHOTO | PAUL ELLIS | AFP
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[li]The Conservatives were forecast to win a thumping 368 out of 650 seats in parliament – which if confirmed would be the party’s biggest majority in three decades – according to the survey published as polls closed.[/li][li]The pound jumped by about two percent against the dollar on the projected results of what all sides had painted as the most momentous election in Britain in a generation.[/li][/ul]
Pro-EU campaigners in Britain appear to have lost their bid to persuade the public to stay in the bloc, after indications of a crushing general election victory for the ruling party.
This comes as Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn said he will not lead the party at the next general election, after predictions of a crushing defeat at nationwide polls.
An exit poll after voting ended on Thursday night suggested a large majority for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, allowing him to push through his Brexit deal.
“With a majority, Boris Johnson will now be able to pass his Withdrawal Agreement Bill and formalise Brexit,” said Matthew Goodwin, professor of politics at the University of Kent.
“The battle for Brexit is over.” :D:D

Final results are expected early on Friday and if confirmed, will set Britain on course to leave the EU by the end of January next year.
That will come as a blow to the smaller Liberal Democrats, who led the charge of the “remainers” against Brexit but whose message appears to have fallen flat with voters.
The exit poll suggested Johnson’s Tories would win 368 seats in the 650-seat parliament, with the main opposition Labour party on 191, and the Scottish National Party (SNP) on 55.
The Lib Dems, led by Jo Swinson, would win 13 seats, according to the poll – one more than they won last time round in 2017.

Experts said the party’s pledge to cancel Brexit altogether without a vote if it was elected was unpopular. Even some pro-EU supporters believed it was undemocratic.
“I do think the ‘revoke Article 50’ was a disaster,” said Simon Hix, a political scientist at the London School of Economics.
“They already had all the hardcore remainers, they weren’t going to get any more.”
He added: “She (Swinson) completely alienated Remain Tories… A lot of those reluctant remainer Tories have gone and voted for Johnson.”
Labour, which was criticised for a non-committal position on Brexit, appeared to offer no alternative, particularly with its leader Jeremy Corbyn such a divisive figure.
The party offered to renegotiate Brexit with Brussels and put their deal to a public vote alongside an option to remain.
But Corbyn said he would remain neutral, while wider criticism about his leadership, particularly over claims of anti-Semitism in Labour, appear to have been a turn-off.
Attempts at tactical voting – touted as a way of returning pro-EU parties – also appear to have failed, despite claims of a large turnout, particularly of young voters.

Tony Travers, from the department of government at the London School of Economics, attributed the failure of “remain” to a split in the vote between opposition parties.
Instead, Johnson’s Tories had the bulk of the Leave vote, he told AFP.
"The pro-Brexit Leave vote was always a bit more determined than the Remain vote. The Leave vote just wanted to go, didn’t like the EU. That’s played itself out again tonight.
“In the end, the Leave vote is more solid and more committed.”
If the exit poll is confirmed, Johnson – who campaigned largely on a pledge to “Get Brexit Done” – is likely to issue a call for unity after more than three years of deadlock.
British politics has become increasingly polarised since the 2016 referendum that saw 52 percent vote to leave the EU.
But determined pro-Remain supporters, who are well-represented in the media and the political establishment, are likely to continue their campaign – but for Britain to rejoin the EU.
“The campaign for a second referendum is as dead as a doornail,” said Travers.
“‘Remain’ will be forced to evolve into ‘Re-Join’,” added Goodwin, but he warned that was “a much harder, longer and even generational struggle”.



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Cut out the bullcrap and misplaced glee.
Other than the hairstyle, Trump and Boris are a totally different breed of politicians.
And remember his win has nothing to do with Trump.
During the recent NATO meeting in London, Boris pointedly asked Trump to keep off the election even before he left the USA.
Then there’s the video of the four world leaders ridiculing your beloved Trump with Boris in it.

Oh my sasa tena you liberals have started owning Boris because he has won? :rolleyes::smiley:

Human nature is funny. Trump akishinda tena ngoja uone. Shifting goal posts.

“Everyone knew he would win. I don’t understand why you are so excited. Wasn’t it obvious?”

It seems most democrats are going to console themselves using this line. Ile kichapo inawangoja mtashtuka

Ungewacha afikishe 10 comments akiwa solo

Says the troll who has never posted a single thread since he joined ktalk in 2015. Not one.

Who are you anyway?

Your first comment on Kenyatalk ilikuwa uchokozi just like your friend the local tapeworm.

niaje ghaseer. acha kusumbua Patty

Vipi terkerterker. Trump anampenda sana.

Way to go for Johnson lazima watu watoke EU.

Mama Brandon in London told us that this OP brought down a web forum all by himself.
Do you know how unstable you have to be to bring down a web forum singlehandedly?
I should find that comment and take a screenshot of it




They are ridiculing him and going conservative all the same. Like decrying the colour red while wearing a red suit.