More Pink Handles

Juzi kuna mahali niliinvitiwa nipeana talk. Ilikuwa place iko na madem kibao. Niliwarecommendia wajoin k-talk…told them it has very useful news items particularly on business, real estate and life in general. So if you notice an influx of NV pink handles, be kind on them. They are all legit.

Ni kama uliwaboo, hawaja come.


Viti ni vingi…waje!


It will probably be a good day when we finally get ON them…

kwani wanafika saa ngapi

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hahaha, uliwashow walete viti zao

Fisiology at its best, I terro yu!

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Sasa na navy seal alienda netherlands nani ata wakaribisha?

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just confirm to them that its na wala sio coz two days is a damn long time

wanakuja ama hawakuji ??


hehehe uncle ako majuuu?


Haahaha uko nyuma aje alisema anaenda Netherlands kusample momo za huko

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Na aache umeffi, @uwesmake kwani IP za KTalk zimeblockiwa huko ?


Na vile nimekimbia hapa ready to welcome the newbie Sistas. I think I know why they are shying away though! the avator of the talker that invited them is pretty scary hehehehehehe and the seats offered are errr vvv unwelcoming.And I have not even told them how mean folk here are. Now DeliciousShiko seems to have vaped!!

I’m here but this bunch of losers can’t even dare slide into the DM.

@ Princess Love, I have just welcomed you on another thread. Don’t mind them, do your thang. You seem to have a thick skin that should hold you in good stand. There is a reason why there is a serious shortage of women netters on Kenyan forums, I don’t have to point them out just look at the responses you got today, Day 1.
Good thing is we are doing very well when it comes to navigating politics on the ground. I don’t want to tell you what I was subjected to on arrival but I am a seasoned netter so can deal with matusi cheap by ignoring it and that’s gorra hurt some.

I know, but I always put them in their place…

you might be a veined tree holder hatutaki radicalisation

Hiyo ya Nefmatiti si ilidedi?