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[SIZE=7]Court Bars General Badi From Cabinet Meetings[/SIZE]
[li]By GEOFFREY LUTTA on 23 September 2021 - 5:10 pm[/li]
Nairobi Metropolitan Director-General Mohammed Badi

[li]Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General Mohamed Badi has suffered a setback after the court issued orders stopping him from attending Cabinet meetings. [/li]Through a judgment delivered by Justice Anthony Mrima, Badi was prohibited from attending any Cabinet meetings and or discharging any duties of the Cabinet.
The High Court ruled that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inclusion of the KDF General was unconstitutional and declared it null and void.
Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi speaking on the Jeff Koinange Live show on October 28, 2020.
“A declaration is hereby issued that the decisions to appoint and include Major General Badiinto the business of the cabinet with liberty to attend cabinet meetings and Cabinet committee meeting contravenes Article 3(2), 10(2)129,130, and 152(1)of the constitution and is unconstitutional and void,” Mrima has ruled.

In his judgment, Mrima ruled that there is no provision in the constitution that accords President Kenyatta the powers to appoint the NMS boss to the cabinet.

The case was filed by Kandara MP Alice Wahome who sought orders prohibiting the Major General from attending the Cabinet meetings.
“Major General Badi has been introduced into the Cabinet without following the process outlined in the constitution,” Wahome noted in her petition.
She successfully argued that by appointing the general, the President allowed a stranger to sit at the country’s top decision-making organ.
She further stated that the appointment of Badi into the cabinet was not approved by the National Assembly describing his term in office as an illusion.
“To the extent that the 3rd Respondent has been introduced into Cabinet without following the process outlined in the Constitution, the said appointment is unconstitutional and void,” part of her petition read.
Uhuru appointed Badi into the cabinet in September 2020 witnessing him taking the oath of office in an event that was held at the statehouse.
Through a statement that was issued by State House spokesperson Kanze Dena, confirmed that the appointment of Badi to attend all Cabinet meetings and its committees was pursuant to Executive Order Number 3 of 2020.
Initially, Badi was tasked by the president with overseeing functions of some functions of Nairobi county transferred to the national government by the then Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko in March 2020.
Some of the transferred functions included; county health services, transport, public works, utilities, and ancillary services, and county government planning and development functions.
President Uhuru Kenyatta (right) and NMS boss Mohamed Badi (left) at a Christmas event in Westlands, Nairobi on Friday, December 25, 2020

Ulipona covit?

Iknaogopa the brave sana

useless rulings by corrupt judiciary . let them give us verdicts on grand corruption . not sideshows.

i was very saddened watching the news , then naona DPP Noordin Haji campaigning for Yatani for gavana

Seems like the Judiciary is telling us, it’s their time to eat.

Hii jamaa ya cabro imeingia siasa?

Uhuru ni nani? ofisi ya wakili mkuu haitakata rufaa na jenerol badispensa ataendelea kuhudhuria vikao vya baraza la mawaziri licha ya huo uamuzi

exactly, stupid activist corrupt idle judges.

ni kama Admin wa ktalk akuambie huwezi allow mgeni kwa nyumba yako :D:D:D:D. msito Badi will continue attending meetings as the gavana of Kenyas economic hub Nairobi .

There are many crazy ways to go about this for Badi to attend:

  1. Waseme yeye ndio tea boy, anaserve chai na mandas moto
  2. They create a new post of CS wa Cabro kama vile @Rene Descartes amesema
  3. Angie kama IT technician, kutengeneza mic na projectors
    Kenya is a crazy country, don’t be shocked if the above is used. :D:D

How can you expect such a DPP to develop a serious case?

Mbadi sio chokosh