More & More Kenyans Celebrating Demonic Halloween (Festival of the Dead)

More & More Kenyans Celebrating Demonic Halloween (Festival of the Dead)

Many western holidays have creeped into African culture, chief among them is Halloween. We are now witnessing more and more Africans, particularly in the middle class, celebrating this demonic holiday. But the question is do they really know what the holiday means to the people who celebrate it?

Kuna party nilienda kama 3 years back tukalewa nikaambiwa tulichukua mask za wazungu flani walikuwa hapo za Halloween tukaenda the club next door nazo kama tunakaa Avengers :smiley: pamoja na muhindi flani alikuwa amebeba pan akijiita Pan African. Sikuamini mpaka nikajiona kwa gazeti Sunday tukidance na mamodel wa Jaeger but with masks on.

One of the few times nimpata memory loss. Pombe sio supu. :smiley:

Pan african:D:D:D:D

many people too celebrate Christmas and they don’t really know the truth behind it…sooool

Yet you celebrate christmas and easter…gugu that shiet then come back here and post more schoovit nonsense

[SIZE=7]Halloween - Why you should not celebrate it[/SIZE]

A bunch of youth dressed up as their favorite cartoon or comic book characters is fun and harmless. I don’t have a problem with Halloween.

There’s a video I saw of a reformed formely hard-core Satanist, and said halloween was the one of the best (for Satanists) and worst (for the rest) day of the year calendar, from a perspective of the spiritual dimension.

Satanists ni washenzi but celebrating Halloween doesn’t make you one

:smiley: haha ati Pan African

:D:D memory loss eeh? We once left a house party and went clubbing with crocs and jeans. But its all good

:D:DCrocs ni dhambi kubwa kuliko zile zote umetenda maishani. Mimi nishaenda na sweats na Tshirt ya after tizi. The more ‘expensive’ the club, the less people care:D